Thermoflex Dual

Dual-reinforced torch-on bitumen membrane


THERMOFLEX DUAL is a pre fabricated modified bitumen membrane whose compound is composed of distilled bitumen and elasto-plastermers (APP), reinforced with non-woven polyester fabric and fibre glass matt. This THERMOFLEX DUAL compound offers good ageing properties, flexibility, durability, and elasticity. 
THERMOFLEX DUAL is available with a talc finish on the upper face to prevent the roll from sticking to itself and benefits the unrolling of the product during installation.  The talc finish also enhances the adhesion of aluminium reflective coatings and acrylic paints after application.
The lower face of THERMOFLEX DUAL is backed by a special polyethylene burn-off film which melts during torching and prevents the roll from sticking to itself. The correct application temperature is visible from the embossed surface of the membrane which is below the burn off film, when the correct application temperature is reached, this embossment melts, also helping vapour diffusion and avoiding blistering.
The burn off film also has a printed10cm square which allows the alignment of the side laps quickly and easily during application.
THERMOFLEX DUAL offers a high static and dynamic puncture resistant, good tensile strength, both longitudinal and transversal, ultimate elongation and exceptional dimensional stability.


Specific Gravity: 1.3 – 1.4
Water Vapor Permeability: Impermeable
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to mild acids and alkali solutions.Not resistant to hydro-carbon solvents, diesel
Slump Resistance: Will not slump on a vertical surface at 95 c
Penetration(100g/5s/70c) : 50-60
Cold Flexibility(20mm mandrel)  < 5c­­­­­­0
Elongation @ 25c : >25%
Tensile Strength : >900 N/5cm
Tear Resistance  : >300 N

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