SUPAROOF is a pure acrylic roof coating that gives an extremely durable, flexible, UV stable and weather resistant film. SUPAROOF’s pure acrylic resin base dramatically increases adhesion as well as binds the colour, giving it long term stability and non fading beauty. SUPAROOF is suitable for both cementitious and galvanised surfaces. Being water-based SUPAROOF is easy to apply, easy to clean off application equipment and is environmentally friendly. SUPAROOF is available in 25L and 5L containers and in a range of eight different colours.

Physical Properties

Colour: Red, Grey, Black, Brown, Charcoal, Terracotta, White and Green.
Application: Brush, roller or spray.
Coverage: 6/m2 (depending on surface porosity)
Total Solids +/- 50%
Specific Gravity: +/- 1.2
Flash Point: 380c
Drying Time: (Between Coats) Minimum 30 minutes at 25ºC at 65% R.H.Full cure 12-20 hours at 25ºC at 65% R.H.
Viscosity: 100 Krebbs Units at 25ºC
Cleaning: Water when wet. Ethyl acetate when dry.  
Flammability: Non Flamable

Surface preparation

All forms of surface contamination must be removed to ensure a smooth surface, free of moisture and any loose material, or any other barrier to adhesion. Steel and galvanised steel surfaces must be free of loose paint, grease, grime, oil and rust.
Technical assistance and applicator training are freely available to all approved users.



Remove all dust, dirt, loose and flaking material. All surfaces must be free of oil and must be dry.
Badly flaking roofs should be cleaned with a high pressure water jet and left to dry.


Priming of iron roofs
New iron must be treated with Bond M degreaser
Light surface rust should be spot primed with Bond M Rustcote (water based, dries in 1 hour)
Heavily rusted areas should be treated with Bond M Rust Converter

Priming of Tiled Roofs
Porous and granular surfaces should be sealed with Bond M Solvent Based Acrylic primer and left to flash off for 12 hours.


Application with brush, roller or spray.
Stir Well
Apply the first coat at a rate of 6m2 /L and allow 12 hours to dry.
Apply the 2nd coat at a rate of 6m2/L
Clean up with water.


Do not apply if rain is imminent
SUPAROOF will be resistant to light rain within 6 hours
Curing time depends on humidity and ambient temperature.
During winter months do not continue to apply SUPAROOF after14H00, especially on iron roof applications.
Do not use to overcoat bitumen waterproofing systems
Do not use for slate roof applications
Raw fibre-cement surfaces should be primed with Bond M solvent based acrylic primer.
Technical assistance and applicator training are freely available to all approved users.

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