SLATEFLEX consists of a filled modified blown bitumen compound, coated onto an 80 gram/m2 Polypropylene carrier. 50% of its surface is covered with a heat fused reflective aluminium foil. The compound is engineered in such a way that it will self seal around clout nails driven through the unprotected part of the membrane, while the carrier is sufficiently strong to allow rough handling during installation and support the system with the minimum amount of sagging.


Length of roll   20 Meters
Width of roll     450mm
Width of Aluminium  275mm
Weight of roll    20.5kg
Thickness of roll    2mm
Coverage per roll   4.0m2


Starting at the lowest point of the slope, roll SLATEFLEX out across the roof parallel to the eaves. The aluminium foil must face upward on the lower half of the SLATEFLEX. The SLATEFLEX is then nailed, with large headed galvanised clout nails, through the unprotected felt, onto the battern.
In aggressive coastal environments it is recommended to use Muntz metal (63 copper, 36 zinc, 1 tin) clout nails if available.
After slating over the aluminium area the next strip of SLATEFLEX is applied in a similar fashion so that the aluminium foil-coated area of the second sheet overlaps the uncoated strip of the first sheet.
Work proceeds up the slope of the roof until the entire area has been slated.
End laps in the felt shall be overlapped by a minimum of 150mm.

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