REFLECT is a modified bituminous aluminium paint, primarily used for over coating bituminous waterproofing systems and metallic surfaces. REFLECT offers several advantages over conventional bituminous aluminium paints. It’s extreme brilliance, allows maximum U.V and heat reflection giving increased service life to the substrate. REFLECT’s high flash point (high boiling point solvents) which boil between 1800 – 2000 c increase coverage by preventing the product “drying out” on the roller during application. The product is supplied in 5Lt. and 25Lt. drums and should be used within two months of the date indicated on the container. Thorough stirring is required before & during use.

Physical Properties

Colour: Silver (once applied)
Application: Brush, roller or spray.
Coverage: 8m2/L (depending on surface porosity
Aromatic content: 20%
Total Solids: +/- 32%
Specific Gravity: +/- 0.9
Flash Point: 50c
Drying Time: (Between Coats) Minimum 30 minutes at 25ºC at 65% R.H.
(Last Coat) 2-3 hours before resistant to rain.
Cleaning: White spirits or mineral turpentine    
Flammability: Flammable when wet; observe all fire and ventilation precautions.

Surface preparation

All forms of surface contamination must be removed to ensure a smooth surface, free of any loose material, or any other barrier to adhesion. Steel and galvanised steel surfaces must be free of loose paint, grease, grime, oil and rust. Bituminous surfaces and torch on membrane surfaces must be free of dust and all loose material. New bitumen surfaces should weather for a period of 4 weeks before REFLECT is applied.
Technical assistance and applicator training are freely available to all approved users.


REFLECT may be applied by roller, brush or spray. Coverage is very dependant on the porosity of the surface and figures shown are intended as a practical guide. 
REFLECT must be stirred well, with a flat paddle, before and regularly during application, in order to prevent settling of the silver pigment.
Special care must be taken not to expose REFLECT to any moisture. This may be in the form of condensation on the surface being coated, moisture contamination of  the product in the container, or moisture present in a roller or brush. The presence of moisture during application will result in a dull surface finish.
Deviation from the specified instructions will automatically invalidate any claim against non performance of the product, which in all circumstances, is restricted to replacement of product proven defective.
Technical assistance and applicator training are freely available to all approved users.

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