HYPERCRETE is a synthetic latex additive for cement and mortar mixtures. The addition of HYPERCRETE confers numerous advantages over unmodified mixes such as; greatly improves adhesion to substrates, greatly improves toughness and flexibility, improves resistance to water and water vapour, improves the performance of mortars in thin layers. Improves chemical resistance and reduces dusting. Typical applications of HYPERCRETE modified mixtures include: plaster cement and concrete repairs, water resistant renderings for internal and external walls, screeds for bathrooms and showers, water resistant additive for tile adhesives and grouts and as a bonding agent for acrylic toppings. HYPERCRETE is available in 25L and 5 L containers.

Physical Properties

Colour: Wet: White milky liquid. Dry: Translucent/clear
pH value: 10.5 – 11.0
Specific Gravity: +/- 1.0
Viscosity: 110 cps Units at 20ºC
Drying Time: 2 hours between coats
3 – 5 days for a full cure.
Storage: Protect from direct sunlight and frost. Store between +5 and 35o c
Cleaning: Water when wet. Ethyl acetate when dry.  
Flammability: Non Flamable

Surface preparation

Any surface being screeded, plastered or patched must first be clean and sound. All forms of surface contamination must be removed to ensure a smooth surface, free of any loose material, or any other barrier to adhesion. Steel and galvanised steel surfaces must be free of loose paint, grease, grime, oil and rust.
Absorbent surfaces such as concrete or plaster should be pre-dampened with clean water. At the time of application the surfaces must be damp in order to avoid “sucking” but must be free of any standing water.
Technical assistance and applicator training are freely available to all approved users.


Mix A: as a slurry priming coat or a water resistant rendering
HYPERCRETE               15 litres
Cement (1 pocket)         50kg
Water                            +/- 12 litres
Slowly add cement to liquid while mixing to avoid lumps. Mixing must continue until the mix is homogeneous and free of lumps. Add the water last in order to adjust the viscosity of the mix to a suitable consistency. Ensure to mix the solution regularly during application to avoid settling.
The finished mix can be applied by means of a block brush, trowel or spray. If the slurry coat is being used as a primer, the coat should still be wet when the plaster mix or cement mix is applied.
If the area being treated is going to be tiled or over coated with an acrylic, the slurry coat should be applied in two coats at a total rate of 1L/m2. Alternate coats should be applied at right angles to each other. The final coat should be allowed a drying time of 3 - 5 days.
In areas that may be subject to movement or in corners, the HYPERCRETE slurry can be used in conjunction with a Polypropylene geo-fabric (not Polyester), at a rate of  2.5L/m2.

Mix B: as an additive for cement, concrete or plaster applications.
HYPERCRETE                7 litres
Cement (1 pocket)         50kg
Aggregates                   as required by end use
Water                            as required by end use

Note drying times are based on a temperature of 250 c min. and a R.H. of 60% max.

Technical assistance and applicator training are freely available to all approved users.


A maintenance re-coat is recommended after three years.

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