Daraflex Fibre



DARAFLEX FIBRE is a polymer modified anionic bitumen emulsion containing a synthetic fibre, the fibre enables the product to form a continuous waterproofing layer without the inclusion of a membrane.  Once completely dry the product becomes highly resistant to swelling or re-emulsification, a problem associated with other water based systems.  The product us supplied in 25L and 210L drums and should be used within two months of the date indicated on the container. Thorough stirring is required before use and the container must be protected against frost.

Physical Properties

Viscosity: 26 Seconds D.C. test method (1) at 25ºC.
Colour: Chocolate Brown when wet, Black when dry.
Total Solids: +/- 55%
Specific Gravity: +/- 1.08
P.H.: 8-10
Flash Point: None, water based.
Drying Time: (Between Coats) Minimum 45 minutes at 25ºC at 65% R.H.
(Last Coat) 2-3 hours before resistant to rain.
(Non Ponding Conditions)
Cleaning: Water when wet, Darasolve N when dry.
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to mild acid and alkali solutions.  Not resistant to aromatic and aliphatic Hydro-carbon solvents - Diesel or Petrol.
Elongation: 4 mm thick sample (unreinforced) greater than 100% at 30ºC.
Slump Resistance: Will not slump on vertical surfaces under S.A. conditions.


Concrete Roof Decks:where complicated concrete configuration makes application of other types of waterproofing difficult U.V. Protection required Apply REFLECT bituminous aluminium paint  (in areas of exsesive movement use in conjunction with a SBP geo fabric.
Planters and Flower Boxes: For difficult application areas as above No U.V. protection required see application sheet
Water Resistant Structures: No U.V. protection required. See application sheet
Tanking of Basements: No U.V. protection required. Protection against mechanical damage required. See application sheet
Re-waterproofing over existing systems: (U.V. protection required> See application sheet
Waterproofing of parapet walls U.V. protection required> See application sheet

The above applications are described fully on the various application instruction sheets.  Years of experience have resulted in comprehensive information on each application.  Deviation from the specified instructions will automatically invalidate any claim against non performance of the product, which in all circumstances, is restricted to replacement of product proven defective.
Technical assistance and applicator training are freely available to all approved users.

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