Daracote AB



DARACOTE AB is a heavy duty, plastisised, solvent based, fibre filled, mastic sealer and repair compound. DARACOTE AB is recommended for all types of waterproofing details such as sheeting laps, valleys, gutters, down pipes, enlarged roof screw holes, cracked tiles, flashings as well as many other details on iorn, tiled, concrete, timber and asbestos roof surfaces. DARACOTE AB is cost effective; it’s putty like qualities make it easy to use, with no need for a waterproofing membrane. Being solvent based it is ideal for patching jobs if rain is immanent. The product is supplied in 5Lt. and 25Lt. drums and should be used within six months of the date indicated on the container. Thorough stirring is required before use.

Physical Properties

Colour: Black
Application: Trowel, scraper or putty knife.
Coverage: Film not less than 2mm and not more than 30mm
Total Solids +/- 75%
Specific Gravity: +/- 1.2
Flash Point: 300c
Drying Time: Does not dry but forms a non tacky film within 12 hours
Dilution: Do not dilute.
Cleaning: White spirits or mineral turpentine    
Flammability: Flammable when wet; observe all fire and ventilation precautions.

Surface preparation

All forms of surface contamination must be removed to ensure a smooth surface, free of any loose material, or any other barrier to adhesion. Steel and galvanised steel surfaces must be free of loose paint, grease, grime, oil and rust. Bituminous surfaces and torch on membrane surfaces must be free of dust and all loose material.


DARACOTE AB may be applied by trowel, putty knife or a gloved hand. Coverage is very dependant on the application thickness. In general 1L/ m2 per mm film thickness. 
DARACOTE AB is toxic in a wet state. Once a dry film has developed it has non tainting properties.
For maximum U.V protection it is advised to overcoat  DARACOTE AB with REFLECT once a totally dry film has developed.
Deviation from the specified instructions will automatically invalidate any claim against non performance of the product, which in all circumstances, is restricted to replacement of product proven defective.
Technical assistance and applicator training are freely available to all approved users.

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